Author Interviews

(Listed alphabetically by author)

Chris Beckett on Dark Eden (April 2014)

Michael Blanding on The Map Thief (May 2014)

Malcolm Brooks on Painted Horses  (October 2014)

Jeff Burger on Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Interviews and Encounters  (May 2014)

Kimberly Elkins on What Is Visible (June 2014)

Cristina Henríquez on The Book of Unknown Americans (June 2014)

Lindsay Hill on Sea of Hooks (February 2014)

Michelle Huneven on Off Course (April 2014)

Laila Lalami on The Moor’s Account  (October 2014)

Hailey Leithauser on Swoop (March 2014)

Rebecca Makkai on The Hundred-Year House  (July 2014)

Darragh McKeon on All That Is Solid Melts into Air  (June 2014)

Sharona Muir on Invisible Beasts (July 2014)

TaraShea Nesbit on The Wives of Los Alamos  (March 2014)

Celeste Ng on Everything I Never Told You (July 2014)

Helen Oyeyemi on Boy, Snow, Bird  (March 2014)

Rachel Pastan on Alena  (January 2014)

Daniel Price on The Flight of the Silvers  (February 2014)

Melissa Pritchard on Palmerino  (January 2014)

Kate Racculia on Bellweather Rhapsody  (June 2014)

Mark Wunderlich on The Earth Avails (April 2014)

Andy Weir on The Martian (May 2014)

Alexi Zentner on The Lobster Kings  (June 2014)

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