Review Policy

I am accepting books for review on a limited basis.

What I Read

(I may be an omnivorous reader, but even omnivores have preferences.)

My preferred genres are literary fiction, poetry, short stories, essays, historical fiction, speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy), biography, and general nonfiction. I occasionally dabble in YA, memoir, and mystery/crime. I almost never read romance or paranormal anything; I avoid self-help, “inspirational” work, and political memoirs.

At this time, I do not accept self-published work for review.

I read printed copies of books; I do not read ebooks.

If you’d like to send a review copy my way, please get in touch with me via email: rosemaryandreadingglasses (at) gmail (dot) com.

What Happens if I Don’t Like a Book

Life is short, so if a book isn’t working for me after twenty percent of its length, I stop reading and don’t review (if it was sent by a publisher, I’ll email the publicity contact directly to explain why the book didn’t work for me). If a book’s not working out but it’s interesting enough to keep reading, my review will explain why, overall, the book wasn’t for me, and why I kept reading anyway.

What Happens to Books After I Read Them

I tend to mark up review copies, and heavily marked books usually stay on my shelves. I hang on to review copies that I plan to read again or that I’d like to have handy for end-of-year lists. Some review copies that escape my scribbling are passed along to friends and family, and still others are donated to my local library. I never sell review copies or galleys.

Reviews of Publisher-Provided Books Are Marked

If a publisher provides me with a review copy of a book, I place an asterisk (*) next to the first mention of the title of the book in my review, and note at the end of the review that the publisher provided a copy of the book. A review without an asterisk is a review of my personal copy of the given book.

I Don’t Get Paid To Blog

I am not paid to write posts. Any ads you see on this site are placed by WordPress. I am not an affiliate of any company or publishing entity.

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