“the rueful admission”: Billy Collins’s “The Lanyard”

Collins_The LanyardA couple of years ago, in a post about my mother, I obliquely mentioned “The Lanyard,” a poem by Billy Collins. “The Lanyard” was the eulogy my uncle read at my grandmother’s funeral recently, and so I’m featuring it this week. It’s one of my favorite poems about parents and children, and I hope you’ll like it too.

Here’s a link to Mr. Collins reading the poem. 

8 thoughts on ““the rueful admission”: Billy Collins’s “The Lanyard”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother, but that poem brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh. I made a lanyard in camp, too, but I don’t know who I gave it to.

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  3. So, I m on a line with my daughter who s waiting to get Billy Collins latest book inscribed. My sister just told me about this poem. I am weeping.

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