A Few Short Things


Dear Readers,

Next week I plan on sharing some last-minute gift picks—if you’re looking for a specific recommendation, send me an email this week and I’ll do my best to oblige—but for now I hope you won’t mind if I link to a few pieces of mine that have been published recently.

Over at America: a poem, “Iphigenia Leaving Tauris” (and here’s the Wikipedia entry on Iphigenia if it’s been awhile since you picked up your Edith Hamilton).

At Tin House’s Open Bar: a short-short, “Thanksgiving,” that also aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s State of Wonder (so you can hear me read it in my very own voice, which naturally makes me cringe, but oh well).

And in Slush Pile Magazine (the slush pile is lit-mag slang for batches of unsolicited submissions): a story (and not exactly cheery, I must warn), “Drifting, Maybe Caught.”

Coming soon: a poem in Constellations that includes the word “zombies,” which is a first and probably a last for me.

Thanks for reading, friends! Here’s hoping that you didn’t find this post obnoxious, that you’re staying warm, and that you have a chance to curl up with a good book.

13 thoughts on “A Few Short Things

  1. Wonderful! I love this line: “Instead she was afraid for anyone alive in a world that seemed to conspire with men against the happiness of breathing things. “

  2. Thanks for sharing your own work. I love your Thanksgiving story and especially the spoken version with the music background. Your description of dentist office conversation is spot on and I love the twist at the end.

  3. Shameless self promo is my favourite kind of self promo. Please post this stuff, because sometimes i see it go by on twitter and don’t have time to read it. This gives me another chance! I really liked the flash fiction. Surreal. Today’s Short Story Advent Calendar story was similar, in that it made me question whether other people are even real 😊

    • Thanks, Laura! That’s actually super helpful—I don’t want to inundate people with news (especially if it’s going on multiple platforms at once). Thank you for reading (and next year I really have to get that SSAC.).

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