“And love is love”: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Sonnet

Double Rainbow, Western Massachusetts (c) 2010 Carolyn OliverLike so many others, I was sick at heart after hearing about the mass murder targeting LGBT people in Orlando.

It feels that everything there is to be said has been said, and said before; I don’t have much to muster this time.

Maybe you watched the Tonys on Sunday night; I did, for a bit of good cheer and the chance to see a performance from Hamilton. If you did, you saw Lin-Manuel Miranda read a beautiful sonnet that was a tribute to his wife, to Orlando, and to love.

IMG_6527Here’s a lovely piece by Charlotte Runcie with an analysis of the poem, as well as its full text. 

I think Hamilton, if you haven’t listened to it, might be just the thing to bring a little joy to your week, since it represents how amazing America can be—it 100% lives up to the hype. And I just finished reading Hamilton: The Revolution, which combines Lin-Manuel Miranda’s libretto with Jeremy McCarter’s account  of how the production took off. Highly recommended for Hamilton fans.

A programming note: As you may have picked up on, here at Chez O we’re deep into packing for the move to our first home. I have a few posts scheduled to appear, but it’s going to take me quite a while to get back to comments and catch up on other blogs (I’m sorry to be missing out on your wonderful posts!). Everything should be back to normal in a few weeks. Thank you!

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