“sun beating on abundance”

This week I’m working on a new(ish) poem by Tami Haaland, who is the poet laureate of Montana (nifty!): “A Colander of Barley.”  As I’m sure you’ve come to expect if you’re a regular reader of my Tuesday posts, it’s a short poem. In a single sentence, Ms. Haaland gives a beautifully concrete, sensory description of barley in a colander, linking it back to the grain in the field, in the truck. It’s a perfect poem for the late summer harvest season. Reading it made me want to bite into a tomato and savor these last sunny, hot days.

You can read “A Colander of Barley” on The Poetry Foundation’s website.

3 thoughts on ““sun beating on abundance”

  1. What a glorious poem . . . thank you for sharing it. The sense images are quite vivid, and that simple phrase — “sun beating on abundance” — is like a prayer of thanksgiving. Beautiful, especially on this grey morning by the coast.

    • It is such I nice poem! I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Maybe next year I’ll do a project about the poet laureates of the states!

      Hope you’re seeing some sunshine now 🙂

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