8 thoughts on “This is what happens when I step into a thrift store.

  1. That’s quite a haul, Carolyn! You’ve got some good stuff there. 🙂

    The Friends of the Library has little “book shops” at out main libraries here — they are really something. Very organized with high quality used books. I walk out there with arms full.

    Happy reading!

    • My hometown library has those too, and I just realized a few days ago that our current town library has a little shop too — tucked away in the cafe, which I’m always too rushed to visit.

      I hardly ever get out to thrift stores either; we just happened to be driving by. In a city with so many college students, it’s not unusual to find a treasure trove of books they’ve dropped off after (barely?) reading them during the semester.

      • I love that your library shop is tucked away in a cafe…sounds like a nice place to wile away a rainy afternoon. Aaahhhhh, the literary perks of living in a university town. 😉

  2. I’m the same way…it’s always so exciting. I enjoyed The Memory Keeper’s Daughter there in your pile and I otherwise also have a few of the same titles in my overflowing to-read stack!

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