Secret Santa . . . With a Bookish Twist

Rick over at Another Book Blog came up with an excellent idea for those of us with bibliophilic tendencies: A book blog Secret Santa! No buying, no sending, just reading — it’s perfect. Rick drew names out of an interweb hat, and each blogger will (a) choose a book for another blog to read and (b) post about the book suggested to her/him on the suggester’s blog. If that sounds confusing, go check out Rick’s opening salvo.

Here’s who’ll be a-reading during the twelve days of Christmas:

Rick’s already revealed that I’m his giftee (and I am so psyched to read the book he chose!), and I’m excited to say, with a trumpet fanfare you’ll need to imagine, that I’ve pulled

CJ from Ebookclassics

from the hat!

Now, I don’t “know” CJ that well, but her project (reading one hundred classics in e-book form) is totally rad, and, luckily for me, comes with a built-in list of titles that she’s read and means to read. I skimmed the list — it’s a great list — and was tempted by quite a few. I would love if someone would preview Tess of the D’Urbervilles or Madame Bovary for me, but I thought those were maybe a little weighty for this season of hope and good cheer. Then I was quite tempted by Persuasion, since I’m reading it myself right now, and it’s short, highly underrated (and under-read), and delightful. But then I saw that CJ’s read and blogged about Sense and Sensibility, so I thought she might want a change of pace. And thus, I came around to:


Dubliners is Joyce’s collection of short stories, a volume that ends with the sublime, wonderful, wintry, “The Dead.” I hope CJ thinks it’s the perfect Christmas present. Merry Christmas CJ! Can’t wait to host your review!

15 thoughts on “Secret Santa . . . With a Bookish Twist

  1. Every time I tried to reply to your post these last few days, I got kicked off the computer. Thanks so much! I’m so excited that you chose the Dubliners because I’ve never read anything by Joyce before and had no idea it was a collection of short stories. I can’t wait to start the book.

    • I’m so happy you like the pick! After reading all the other posts I felt kind of uncreative for picking Dubliners off your list . . . so fingers crossed that it lives up to expectations for you!

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