“The field as iridescent as a Renaissance heaven”

I just downloaded The Poetry Foundation’s app for iPhone, and friends, it is swanky.  I lack the requisite hand-eye coordination for Angry Birds and other games you can play on a phone, so most of my apps are (a) free and (b) related to news or making lists. But this morning, sitting through yet another rendition of “Elmo’s World” on Sesame Street (my presence is requested at all viewings), it occurred to me that maybe I should search for a poetry app.

For me, this app is like a delightful game: pick a few thematic elements, and voila! Poems! Scrolling through today, I found the poem I’ll be memorizing this week, David St. John’s “In the High Country,” a lovely May meditation, particularly appropriate given the beautiful weather in Boston this afternoon (not to last, I’m sure).

One thought on ““The field as iridescent as a Renaissance heaven”

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